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Commercial boiler repairs

If you have an emergency we’re here to help. Our engineers are ready when you need us 365 days a year. This enables us to respond to any emergency that may arise at our clients’ premises. We aim to have our engineer with you within 24 hours to ensure we can repair your commercial boiler with minimal disruption to your business.

How do I know if my commercial boiler needs repairing?

If you’re experiencing any of the issues below it may mean your boiler needs repairing

Boiler breakdowns and stops working

Is your commercial boiler frequently breaking down and causing interruptions to your business? This may mean your boiler or burner needs to be repaired.

Boiler needs to be restarted regularly

Is your boiler or burner frequently switching off and needing to be reset for it to work correctly? This is usually a sign that there are bigger problems that need repairing.

Boiler or burner is making humming or buzzing nosies

A fully functioning boiler will typically make a smooth and consistent noise. Unexpected and unfamiliar sounds coming from your boiler can be a sign that something is wrong.

Boiler is leaking

If your commercial boiler is leaking or causing flooding, then this is usually a sign that the machine ha severe issues that need to be repaired as quickly as possible.  

Why choose Combust BSL to repair your commercial boiler?



25+ Years Experience

Safe Contractor Accredited

Competitive Pricing

We’ve used Combust BSL to service the burners on our undersoil heating systems over 10 years. They’ve always been knowledgeable, reliable, and accommodating engineer who go the extra mile to ensure everything works correctly.

Pitch Heating Ltd

After our factory flooded Combust BSL got our boiler up and running the same day and got the tunnel fully up and running a few days later, which frankly was a miracle. Combust BSL then baby sat our site for 15hours a day for 2 weeks to make sure there wasn’t a breakdown.

Johnsons Workwear

We used Combust BSL for a couple of small jobs on site and I was impressed by the knowledge and service flexibility as well as always being easy to deal with.

AD Bakery

Commercial boiler repair for all industries


Food & Drink



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