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Commercial boiler servicing you can trust

Our skilled engineers offer annual boiler servicing, daily boiler house checks and full product support tailored to the needs of your operation.


Our expert preventative service maintenance for industrial and commercial boilers and burners minimises the risk of breakdowns and costly disruptions with affordable services.

We can service for all your needs:

  • Insurance Inspection preparation

  • N.D.T. Preparations GN4

  • Refractory Brickwork

  • Combustion Checks

  • Acid Cleaning

  • ‘D’. Patches

  • ‘J’ Prepping

  • Re-tubes

What are the benefits of choosing Combust BSL for you commercial boiler servicing?

To make sure your commercial or industrial boiler is working to optimum efficiency and to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs you should get them serviced yearly

Your boiler will run efficiently reducing your energy cots

Increase the lifetime and investment of your boiler

Avoid costly and disruptive boiler breakdowns

Keeps you and your employees safe

Reduces the likelihood of major failure

Ensures compliance with UK commercial boiler regulations

Why Choose Combust BSL for commercial boiler servicing?



25+ Years Experience

Safe Contractor Accredited

Competitive Pricing

We’ve used Combust BSL to service the burners on our undersoil heating systems over 10 years. They’ve always been knowledgeable, reliable, and accommodating engineer who go the extra mile to ensure everything works correctly.

Pitch Heating Ltd

After our factory flooded Combust BSL got our boiler up and running the same day and got the tunnel fully up and running a few days later, which frankly was a miracle. Combust BSL then baby sat our site for 15hours a day for 2 weeks to make sure there wasn’t a breakdown.

Johnsons Workwear

We used Combust BSL for a couple of small jobs on site and I was impressed by the knowledge and service flexibility as well as always being easy to deal with.

AD Bakery

Commercial boiler servicing for all industries


Food & Drink



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